Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How Well Did We Do In Our Smoothies and Quesadilla Lab?

During the smoothies and quesadilla lab, I was the waitperson. To help make smoothies and quesadillas, I put in the fruit into the blender and I made my own quesadillas. I really did well in setting up the table ,because it looked organized. Next time I would hurry up a little more to help out make the food. My clean-up job was to wash dishes, set up table, and I also helped cook. Our group was almost organized because we managed to finish the lab, but not on time. Our technique was almost super because we should have ran the blender a little bit longer. For teamwork we were not quiet there because towards the end we were kind of getting frustrated with each other because of the short amount of time we had to clean up, we also didn't do what we were supposed to do. For food handling I feel like we did super because we all had our hair up, we had our apron and everything that we were supposed to do to be clean we did. For product we were almost there because some of our smoothie portions were uneven such as the ice and fruits.

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