Thursday, May 7, 2015

Discovering the Good Old Days

“Hello Iris, are you ready for the interview?”
“Oh yes of course, let me just go get my lipstick on. Why don't you sit down and take a seat on the couch, I'll be there in a minute.”
“ Okay thank you, I also need to get my stuff ready.”
It was a very nice warm day. It was a Thursday, on the day I interviewed Iris Cold a smart, and wonderful 85 year old women. She wasn’t ready when I got to her house, but I was. Her house was a bit too big for only two people living their. She lives with her husband Ron Cold. Her house was full of frames with pictures of her, Ron, her daughter Valerie,  and her grandson Ean. Now, you are probably wondering how I knew so much about her and her family before I even got to interview her. This is why.
Iris is my mom’s work boss. I always go with my mom to work when we don't have school, and that’s how I know her. She is a very nice person. One time she took me shopping for clothes during the summer before we entered school, and plus, she didn't let me or my mom pay even 1¢. She paid everything, and this is why I chose to interview her. She has always been one of those old ladies (not trying to be rude here) who’s always been wanting to talk about her life, but nobody seems to listen. But I did want to listen.
She came down her soft carpeted stairs. “Wow Iris, you look very pretty.”
“I know, I always do! Haha Im just playing around with you sweet heart! Im ready for my interview!” Iris was wearing a soft long blue dress with white flowers all over the dress. Along with some white, elegant silk evening gloves, some flat aztec patterned shoes, and of course here ruby red lipstick, which seemed to have some gloss added. Oops almost forgot, her precious aqua blue gem necklace. It had two small gems to the side and one big gem in the middle, all three of them shaped as a rectangular circle.
“Okey dokey, so my first question is…. How did you consider yourself as a student when you were a teenager?”
“I was a good student!” She said it in a proud voice. “I actually loved school. I would always do my homework on time, I would study a lot, and always got good grades (A+).”
“Wow, you sound very proud of yourself”
“Well of course I am, wouldn't you be proud of yourself if you always got good grades?”
“True. Okay moving on to my second question…. How has technology changed over time?”
“Oh, heehee,”she chuckled a little and then said… “We didn't even have T.V back then. The whole family would sit around in the living room, and we would listen to the radio. You know?”
“Hard for you to understand, but we would listen to funny “shows” on the radio, and it was just a time where the whole family could enjoy something together.”
“That sounds like fun… kind of! But anyways, next question is…. How have you maintained yourself so healthy, and alive?”
“Oh well that is an easy one. Not drinking,” than she rapidly said, “and certainly no drugs. Having and keeping a healthy diet, doing exercise, walking, swimming, etc.. I mean I swim every day.”
“Wow!!! Ӧ, you still swim?” I was shocked.
“Well of course! I wake up every morning around 6 or 7am, and I go swimming in the pool for about 40min. to an hour. Who says 85 year olds can’t swim?” She said in a bratty voice.
I almost fainted when she said this to me. “ Well, you are full of healthiness. So, my fourth question is…. What has been the hardest decision that you have made during your life?”
“Oh… good question...hmm, you know what? I actually think that all of my decisions have been smart. So I don't really have any, but probably, it would have been (if I had to choose) when they told my daughter that she had to choose which university to go to, and my daughter told me to choose for her. It was a very hard choice, but I think I did well.☺”
“Im pretty sure you did a fabulous choice!☺Okay now this is my last question I have for you. If you could go back in time to fix a mistake, what would it be?”
“Well, as I told you before, my choices where always okay. Oh wait I have one… putting my son in kindergarten at a very young age.”
“How old was your son when you put him in kindergarten?”
“4? Oh my goodness Iris.”
“I know, I should have kept him out of school for 1-2 more years. But you know why? He was just such a smart kid, so I decided to put him in at 4, but… it’s waaay too late now to fix that.”
“Well Iris those are all my questions. Thank you so much for letting me interview you.”
“Oh no problem, whenever you need me to do anything else or you need help with something, I'm always here for you and your family.”
“Thank you so much Iris, you are such a nice, wonderful person, so this is why I chose to interview you.”
“Thank you Crystal, I’ll see you some other day. Goodbye!”
I have learned so much from Iris Cold. There are 3 main things that I learned, 1st, I learned that no matter how old you are, you can always do things that you have never done before. 2nd I learned that being a good student is a very important part of your life, studying, asking for help when you need it, all those things will really benefit you during your life. Lastly I learned that technology has really made us dumber, and it has made us let go farther away from our family, now everybody at home has their own T.V in their room or their own laptops, phones, etc., so they hang out alone in their room with their devices. But back then the whole family got TOGETHER and listened to the radio. As you can see, the old days weren’t that bad or as boring as they are said to be.
“Oh wait sweetie, you forgot your sweater!”

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