Thursday, April 16, 2015

Aunt Opal???

Today Judy Moody gave the news to her mom, and then Judy’s mom thought she was crazy. So than her mom told her that her aunt Opal was going to come and babysit her and her brother (Judy has never met this aunt), because their  grandparents had a little accident. So to tell Judy that everything will be alright, I made her a card. Look below:
Dear Wonderful Judy Moody,
My name is Crystal DeLeon, I just read your book, and I wanted to tell you that everything will turn out alright. You’ll have a great time with your aunt. Think of all the good things that you can all do together while your parents are gone, like:
  • Your aunt could take you and your brother to the pool
  • She can take you guys to the movies
  • Maybe you and her can even go to the spa or something
  • SHOPPING!!!!!
See Judy these things are really fun, so keep your head up and smile :). Everything will turn out alright!
-Crystal DeLeon

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