Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vote 4 Books

Crystal Deleon
English- Period 3
Books Are Soooo Much Cooler.... (Maybe)
I honestly like the book a lot better than the movie because yea in the movie you actually see what is going on instead of reading, but that still doesn't make the movie better. Also in the movie they tell us things way too quickly. Another reason is that in the book we can understand what is going on easily. Finally, the book is better than the movie because things in the movie pass way to quickly. The only time where the movie slows down is when the giver and Jonas are beginning their plan. I don't think I seem clear right now, let me explain.

First of all, just because in movies you can actually see the people that still doesn't make the movie better. In the book Jonas is not the one telling us the story,its a random narrator. But in the movie Jonas is the one telling us about his story/ life . It gives us an advantage in some ways because we know how he feels, but then at the same time it gives us a disadvantage if something happens to Jonas because then we don't know what is going on. But in the book since there is someone different narrating, we can see different points of view of the story which makes us see (read) what other characters are feeling.

In the movie things happen so quickly. In about 30 minutes Fiona was already kissing Jonas. In the book it goes by in a good paste. First of all because while you're reading the book its just so good that you just cant stop reading it, and that's why people might think that the book goes faster than the book. Also in the movie the only time it slows down is when Jonas and the giver are planning on how to release the memories. The only part that improved in the movie is Asher being a Drown Pilot (in the book he was a Recreation Director). It makes it better because that way Asher can hunt down Jonas while escaping. But my point here is that the only part the movie basically focuses on is on the "releasing the memories" part.

My final reason why the book is better than the movie is because right when the movie begins they are already showing us that Jonas has the ability of seeing beyond. In the book you don't find out that he can see beyond until chapter 4 or so; and so that's why it was hard to realize that there was actually no color in the community; that only Jonas and the giver can see. They give us so much information in just one shot instead of giving us the info. little by little (which is what they did in the book) .In the book (beginning) they tell us how there IS no color and they tell us how NOBODY can see it. That's why it is easy for us later in the book to realize that Jonas is beginning to see color.

Now do you understand me? You should (I hope). But anyways these are my opinions. You guys might like the movie better than the book. We all have our own likes, but for me the book is better than the movie in so many ways. The book has better paste, a better understanding, and you can visualize things your own way. I don't think you can find any good reasons why the MOVIE is better than the book. Can you???

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