Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So That's Who Kara Is....

I just found out today that Kara is Devin's best friend from Connecticut. They would always choose their clothes together every morning to school, and they would always sit together in lunch with nobody else. Just both of them together, forever, and ever. Devin realizes that the kids in Connecticut have been in school for 2 hours already, so she can't pick her clothes with Kara today, and she has to pick her clothes on her own. I also met (read about) Devin's mom. She is one of those moms who care way too much about you and your health. Mom tells Devin and Maisie to drink extra water to keep hydrated (she gave them 2 water bottles each). Then Maisie and mom start to argue about why they are not allowed to drink juice, while Devin is still just sitting all nervous in the backseat. Finally, Devin arrives to Kentville Middle School.

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