Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Devin's First Day At Kentville Middle School....

Today in school Devin realizes that her first class in school is Algebra, which she has with all 8th graders, because she is very smart at math. She sits in the very front row of the class, but she wants to know how kids (specifically girls) in California dress, so she looks back and gets a glimpse of the 8th grade girls.  Just by looking at them she realizes that those must be the cool girls. They are all wearing flip flops except her (she is wearing Converse). In the book there is a big gap in between two paragraphs which means that they are moving on into the book. In luch Devin says that everyone has friends except her, and everybody is sitting with someone except her. So she goes and sits in the library steps all by herself. After she is done eating her lunch she goes to the bathroom and sends a text to Kara telling her it is the worst day of her life. Then she asked her what they were doing right now in Connecticut. Kara responds and tells her that school is over and that they were heading to the mall with Gina and Vida, and because of that Devin got jealous.

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