Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Creepy Urban Legends... scary...BOO

Remember when I told you guys yesterday about the book Babymouse? Well....... I quit on that book....sorry its just that I found another book that I read and it was really creepy (kinda'). Anyways The book is called Creepy Urban Legends it is a short book that I read on my little sister’s myon account. It has different "creepy" stories. For me the creepiest one was the one where a guy gives a hitchhiker a ride to the next town. Then he lets the hitchhiker borrow his sweater since she looks tired and very cold. When they arrive to their destiny he tells her, "we have arrived", he hears no answer. The man thinks that she must have fallen asleep since she looked very tired. But he thought to himself that maybe she just didn't hear him, so one more time he tells her, "we have arrived". Again he hears nothing so he pulls over and turns around. Then the guy got his answer. The hitchhiker was gone! There were no signs of her or the coat. So the guy went to the address that the women had given him. When he knocked on the door a lady came out, but she was older and looked a lot like the hitchhiker (it was her mother). The guy explained to her and to the hitchhiker's dad about what had happened. Then they showed him a picture of the hitchhiker  (their daughter)and told him that she has been dead for years . Finally ..... well if you want to find out more here is the url for the website that I found the book from. Go ahead and read it...... IF YOU DARE TO!!!

(Actually I’ll finish. Since I am not allowed to show my sister’s account.)
...Finally, the hitchhiker's parents took the guy to the cemetery where they had buried their daughter, and there it was. The guy saw the hitchhiker’s tomb, and hanging from it was his jacket.

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