Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Green Represents My Life......

Today I will be telling you guys how the color green represents me. Even tough green isn't my favorite color, and I don't really like it; it represents who I am. It shows all my favorite hobbies, holidays, cultures, etc., like soccer, "mad hulk", Christmas, nature (evergreens), and of course my Mexican culture.

Image result for images of a soccer fieldFirst of all, lets start off with soccer. Soccer is life. I love soccer. The color of the soccer field is green, and every time I see green (which is basically everywhere) it reminds me of my aptitude of playing soccer.

Image result for images of hulk

Another reason why green represents me....(don't laugh), is because whenever I get mad, I "look" like Hulk. :) Obviously I don't get all green like Hulk; but I get his attitude. I throw things, I feel like hitting people, and I feel like destroying the whole world. 

Image result for images of christmasHere comes my favorite, (at least one of my favorite reasons); Christmas!!! Christmas is my personal favorite holiday. one of the main colors of this holiday is green, and also because the color of the Christmas tree is green (which are evergreens, and evergreens are my favorite types of trees). Green is also the color of nature, and I like nature because it is full of wonderful trees, animals, and plants.

Image result for images of mexican food
I have one final reason why green represents me. My culture!!!:) Mexico is a wonderful place to be. I wasn't born there, but all of my family was. One of the colors from the Mexican flag is green. The cilantro they put in the delicious tacos, the green spicy salsa we put in our enchiladas, and of course the, "Tamal De Pollo Verde" is my favorite Mexican food ever.

Green is in ALL of these things, and that's why this color represents me. It might not be my favorite, but the color represents the aspects of my life. This is why green is a big significance in my life. What about your color? Could it also be green?

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