Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Would I like to live in a utopia??? Hmmm...

          Let me think. Would I like to live in a utopia? Would you? Lots of people say YES because they think that they can have freedom and do whatever they want. Some say NO because they would get tired and bored of the things they do every-single day of their lives. Some say I DONT KNOW because they probably don't even know what a utopia is. But there are so many questions for you to ask, like... Would trash even exist? Would we be rich of money, or would it even exist? Would no crime be committed? Would everyone have a job? Or would anybody work? Would grass not need to be mowed? And so many more. I honestly don't even know if I do want to live in a utopia,(and yes I do know what a utopia is:))

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