Thursday, January 8, 2015

Against or For Utopias???

I have been doing some research on people who debate about if utopias really do exist and  are possible to make. I read on a website called and I searched "arguments for utopias", and it came out with two (2) people who where arguing if utopias where real or not (or if they are impossible to make). One of the people (for) said that they did exist because if everyone in this world was treated equally, by the same food, money, tax charges, etc. a utopia could actually be made. The person who is against said that it is a good idea of everyone being treated equally with the same rights and everything..... but.... our world and community is getting larger, and the larger it gets, the harder it is to control everything, and there won't be enough food and water for everyone. He also said that bullying also prevents utopias from existing because bullying never stops anywhere in the world. Then (for) said "We are talking about right now in these days; NOT in the future, and besides if it ever happens like that then communitys can break apart and each have there own society." This argument went on and on and on, but I am not going to say every litt.e thing they said, but if you want to here more about this debate and want to find out who "WINS" this argument. Go check it out at and type in "arguments for utopias". Thank you see you next time...bye!!! ;)

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