Monday, December 8, 2014

The Lemonade War

Question of the Day: Which character of this book is mostly like you.

In this book "The Lemonade War"  I think that the character  that is mostly like me is Jessie. She is not very good with people and same with me. Im really bad with people.(Really bad). But she is really good at math something that I do have. I have an A in math, I can calculate something right away in my head, (not as quickly as you're probably thinking, but kind of like what you're thinking). And of course we are both girls.;) We are not in the same grade because she is in 4th grade and Im of course in 7th grade (at Laguna Middle School.....Duuhhh). Anyways, this is why I think that Jessie is alot like me.
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