Monday, December 1, 2014

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Question of the day: What caught your attention to this book? 
This book caught my attention not only because of the cover but also because of the 1st 5 pages. The pages were very interesting. I love the way that the author Roald Dahl described there personalities and their characteristics. You could right away picture the characters in your head. The main characters as you can already see/tell are Willy Wonka/Mr.Wonka (owner of the greatest chocolate factory in the world who decides to let 5 lucky children and only 1 adult that each child can bring into his factory for a tour.) And of course...... Charlie (A very poor but virtuous little boy). You guys should really this book. I read it during Thanksgiving Break, and I just finished reading it today. It is a wonderful book. It also teaches you a lesson and sends out a message that will probably touch your heart just like it did to mine and if you guys want to find out what that message is, then go to the library, or somewhere and look for the book and read the WHOLE book. You guys will enjoy it. I know I did. ;)

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