Thursday, November 6, 2014

Safety Always Comes First

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        I was in class it was quiet all you could hear was the teacher (Ms.Rorden) giving a lesson on science the boringest topic of all. No one in class was listening to her except a kid named Steven Marol. My friends, Franki, Malia, and I were passing notes, we sat very close to eachother. We were playing the game truth or dare while passing notes, I addmit we are boss in passing notes while playing truth or dare because its not easy. Anyways back to the point, I received a note, I had chosen dare and I got a dare, a good one. I read and then all of a sudden I started to laugh so loud that everyone turned to me and looked at me with a look saying, “whataheck is wrong with you.” “Is anything wrong Crystal,” asked Ms.Rorden. “Oh no sorry nothing is wrong you can proceed with the lesson.” “Very well….,” All my friends that I was passing notes with looked at me with a smile. I looked at the dare it was very easy it said, Try to tip on your chair without falling for 1 minuite from Franki. It was so easy I could even do it for the rest of the class. I looked at the clock and waited until the red hand got to 12. “Start" I said to myself. I tipped and tipped and tipped. It was actually very fun so I decided to do it for 1 more min.. Then all of a sudden I tipped back a little too much and I was going to fall, I didnt want to fall so I grabed on to my desk, but it came out way worse my desk fell back with me and then all of a sudden I felt a big THUMMP on my back it really hurt.
 My whole class started laughing at me I was so embarrased that I wanted to cry. “Are you alright?” asked Ms.Rorden I didnt respond back I just stayed quiet picked up my desk and hid behind it. In my head I was just like, “oh my gosh". I looked at Franki she went to me and hugged me. “Im really sorry crystal I never knew this would actually Im sorry.” “Its fine I said Im the one who decided to go for another min.” Franki helped me pick up my notebooks that had fallen from my desk. Ms.Rorden excused everyone to recess “Wait Crystal I need to talk to you” I stared at her I really did feel like crying. “Come here”, she said, "Do you want a hug?Come here.” I went to her and hugged her as tight as I could. “Go ahead Crystal you can cry I know you want to, go ahead” I knew I did want to cry so I went ahead and did. I felt my rainy wet tears slipping down my soft cheaks. I hugged her even more tight. Then we sat down. She asked me if I could please tell her what happened. So, I did, I went ahead and told her the whole story. I was very surprised that she didnt get mad when I told her we were passing notes. She told me, “just because someone dares you to do something it doesnt mean you have to do it. I know you wanted to proof to Franki that you were not scared of her dare but you gotta think of the bad things that could happen. Dont just think of the good things, sometimes you just have to think of the bad things. It might be hard to stop yourself from doing it but safety always comes first.” I knew she was right. So from that day on I always knew that safety always comes first.
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